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After School and Pre-K

After school care and preschool is available, both on and off campus, through the programs listed below. These are fee-based programs that operate independently from the Mandarin Immersion program offered by RCSD. Please contact them directly for more information.



On-Campus Programs

Catalyst Kids

Catalyst Kids provides before-school and after school care on campus, and is open to preschoolers as well as school-age children. Go to the website or call (650) 364-1178 for more.

Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services (REACH)

The Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department offers an after school program on campus called REACH that serves 130 students in grades K-5. Students participate in one hour of academic enrichment, one hour of recreation and one hour of life skills daily. Students must attend each day of the week to maintain their space in the program and stay for the duration of the program. For more information, visit their website.


PlayThrive (Mandarin Immersion)

PlayThrive Mandarin-Immersion After School (中 文 沈 浸 式 课 后 辅 导 班) is located on campus. PlayThrive educates the whole child while practicing their Mandarin language skills. It is here to complement your child’s educational experience with explorative play, social emotional learning and project-based learning. PlayThrive believes in a student-centered approach where children are active participants in their own education and are self-motivated by their passions. Here, children are empowered to learn about themselves, others, and the tools to shape the world.  You can view the presentation below to learn more about the program. Go to their website or email to get more information.









Off-Campus Programs

Peninsula Community Center (PCC)

PCC offers an after school program for grades K - 8 that operates following the Redwood City Unified School District calendar. The program promotes activities that help build healthy relationships, increase competency, and explore various age-appropriate interests. The program also offers after-school pick-up in passenger vans to the PCC community Center approximately 1.2 miles from the Orion campus, homework time, snacks, and various choice activities.For more information contact them here

Hanlin (Mandarin Immersion)

The Hanlin Foundation, located in Belmont, offers a TK - 5th grade after school program. Their transportation service offers pick-up from school and drop-off to various places in a commercially insured van. Their after school program includes Kumon Math & English and Singapore Math & English, a Chines language program, indoor activities, and arts & crafts. Contact them here for more information. 

After School



Odyssey Preschool (Mandarin Immersion)

Odyssey Preschool is an on-campus Montessori-based, Mandarin immersion program for children between the ages of 2 years 9 months and 6 years old. It is a child-centered learning community committed to respecting the unique personality, gifts, and development of each student. The schools promotes a culture that fosters kindness, curiosity, and cooperation. The goal is to cultivate both independence as well as an awareness of our global interdependence. Odyssey reflects the cultural diversity of the Peninsula throughout its curriculum, especially in foreign language offerings. To schedule a tour, please call (650) 727-2306 or email

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